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Production of sealing
Hydraulic and Pneumatic

Execution and operating
repairs of hydraulic and
pneumatic cylinders

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Seals for Pistons
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Technical data
  CNC controlled unit, Bosch CC 120 CNC
  Rotary current servo motors for X & Y axis
  Nominal speed 3000 rpm
  High speed operation: 15 m/min.
  Z axis manually adjustable
  Software cncCUT
  Compact high pressure pump, 1 L
  Operating pressure up to 3000 bar, infinitely adjustable
  Power consumption 9,5Kw at 50Hz

Characteristics of the Maschine
  The machine handels all your requirements whether you are producing prototypes or mass production.
  The Water-Jet System cuts everything quickly, cleanly and accurately.
  Programming during the machining process.

Processing examples:
  - plastics
  - fibre reinforced plastics
  - soft plastics or foamed plastics

Gaskets of all usual elastomers such as: PUR,FPM, EPDM, NBR, Silicon, PTFE, asbestos free materials.

Price: 25.000 EURO




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